CORRUPTION IN INDIA'S RATION SYSTEM { 7 images } Created 28 Apr 2011

These photographs follow the work of Rupesh, an advisor to India's Supreme Court Commissioner on the Right to Food.

Rupesh (he goes by only one name) is one of those people who's dedication and commitment to his job goes well beyond the call of duty. Refreshingly unsentimental in his approach to the task of uncovering corruption and equipped with a dry sense of humor, he is charged with a responsibility to uphold the Indian Constitution that guarantees life to all Indians. This right - it goes without saying - cannot be granted without access to food.

Rupesh, who works in Bihar state, argues that corrupt officials must be held accountable for their own actions. But he insists that corruption should be considered chiefly a consequence - rather than the cause - of a deeper malaise: namely poverty and inequality.

Rupesh is adamant that until these structural deficiencies are confronted, India cannot hope to build the proper systems of education, accountability and justice that are prerequisites for a society free of corruption.
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