ERADICATING POLIO IN INDIA { 20 images } Created 15 Mar 2012

This photo-story on the vaccination campaign to rid India of the polio virus focuses on Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These two states are home to more than 250 million people, many of them living in overcrowded areas of poor sanitation that make them particularly susceptible to the virus.

Following a ten-fold increase in the number of polio cases between 2005-2006 the Indian government, together with partners including UNICEF and Rotary International, embarked on a renewed effort to eradicate polio.

In the largest public health drive in the world, these partners mobilised thousands of volunteers to administer and supervise the vaccination effort. UNICEF also recruited people with influence to encourage communities to have their children protected against polio. Misinformation, rumours and a frustration with the lack of other health services mean that many households, particularly in Muslim areas, continue to resist vaccination.
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